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October 31.20: Coping


All Hallows’ Eve,

and my muse has gone astray.

When last seen, a bluebird,

most likely bat today.

I’ve written and deleted

a tome or two of late;

nothing’s any good —

I’ve just an addled pate.

Where are those perfect words

that say just what I mean?

Have they been scared away

by this looming Halloween?

I think it’s much more likely

my muse is somewhere stuck

among the fangs and broomsticks

of politics run amuck.


Thanks to photographer D.J. Berg,

and a salute to her complimentary Halloween bar.


7 thoughts on “October 31.20: Coping

  1. That muse is a slippery little thing, and I think grabbing her is a worldwide blogging challenge especially this year. This weekend we can for sure blame the witch herself. Hope you have some good chocolate or dessert this weekend. 🙂

    • Thanks, Judy! I hope you do too. I am sure you are right that everyone’s muse has been more elusive than usual this year. On the brighter side, I read a really inspiring article this morning based on an interview of older women in New Hampshire, and they made it abidingly clear that they (we) were a force to be reckoned with. I loved it!

  2. Have we already discussed Oscar Wilde spending all day putting in the comma and all afternoon taking it out again? I forget. My mind is addled by our politicians too. The really scary thing is we start to expect so very little… and still find ourself disappointed.

    • I do not believe we have discussed that, but it certainly is me to a T these days. Not sure I will be less addled after Tuesday, but I can hope. You are so sadly right about expecting little and still being disappointed. I spend so much time shaking my head that it’s coming loose.

  3. Just a little addition…. all the bottles but 2 are old or special poison bottles I have collected over the years when I practiced pharmacy. I couldn’t help myself

    • I confess I suspected as much, which was part of the enticement in the photo! The bottles go so well with the green-faced bartender!

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