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October 27.20: Coping


We’ve climbed up Darwin’s ladder

of Natural Selection,

the bug and I together,

toward evolutionary perfection,

but I ponder our relative states:

who has the higher trajection,

the one with legs and wings,

or the one stuck in this election?



10 thoughts on “October 27.20: Coping

  1. I think he has the better chance of survival, and that’s not saying much at least here in cold country. 🙂 Thank you for the smile.

    • There is sad truth in what you say about his better chances for survival. It’s getting cold here, too; when I last saw this little guy he was headed for a nice cozy underground refuge. I don’t think he was going to New Hampshire because it’s probably a lot colder there.

      • As you readily know, our weather in general is screwed up. Sorry, it is. This fall, we have had Stink bugs, Asian ladybugs, and Western Conifer Seed bugs are crawling all over the windows, siding, and doors even on the second floor. It is like a prelim to an Alfred Hitchcock movie. That will be the best thing about a hard frost – it may kill them off.

      • Euw!! Alfred Hitchcock indeed! I’d been thinking how ominous is the darkness here, but what you describe is even more ominous. We will see now if that hard frost kills them off or just makes them mutate into the Bug Undead. At this point, I think nothing would surprise us.

      • Oh my goodness, best laugh all day – Bug Undead. I may wake up in the middle of the night laughing about that. Thank you!

      • Now you made me laugh! Well, we needed it!

  2. So glad it will be over soon (for better or for worse).

  3. Let’s hope the wings can take the bug high enough to avoid the news for the next week or so. Having said that, your election news takes no time at all to travels the miles to us, so I suppose that’s unlikely.

    • Your point is well taken: there is no flying above the news these days — it’s everywhere simultaneously. I think the bug was headed under a nice quiet patch of mulch. Probably wearing ear plugs.

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