In search of story

October 20.20


My house naps quiet

behind the tree;

the world passes by


The grandeur of

my life within,

curtained by

the daily din,

cannot be guessed

by passersby

who see my house

as small and shy.

My stemmed fine art

goes undetected,

like ruby rose window,


A splendid secret:

who could know

my little house

is Chenonceau?





6 thoughts on “October 20.20

  1. Beautiful. The world has changed so dramatically this year that I couldn’t even count the ways. We certainly spend so much more time in our homes and there are so fewer people out and about, it is most times eerie. We use to go to a neighboring town several times a month to shop for various things. We went yesterday to return an online order. As we crossed the new eight-lane highway, there were just a few cars moving in either direction. It took years to build that new highway and tons of taxpayer dollars to now see it with enough cars to populate a two-lane highway. I guess it will last longer, maybe. Happy Tuesday, Maureen.

    • You are so right about how the world has changed, and that made me think about how HOME has changed. I bet many are rethinking what home means to them. We’re most definitely stuck there, and that’s an extraordinary circumstance for most people. Your word “eerie” is exactly right. When an eight-lane highway becomes a country lane, it gets your attention. Wow. There’s such a sense of the strange and the uncertain everywhere. You’re right that the highway will last longer — the question is WILL WE? In the meanwhile, it’s a bit of sugar and a slurp of good coffee. Happy Tuesday despite it all, Judy!

      • I can see the road from my porch. It use to be not a steady stream of traffic but there was traffic. I can look out there now and not see anything moving. It creeps me out. I’m like where are all those people? Home. They’re working from home, they’re home because they’re not working, and they tending kids who can’t go to school. Strangest year of our lives I’m pretty sure.

  2. Oh, wow. That would creep me out too. Strangest year ever, yes. Also maybe the scariest, and we’ve lived through some pretty scary years.

  3. You sent me off to read about Louise of Lorraine and that made me think we are better off inside our quiet houses!

    • Of course I had to go off and read about Louise too. I did not know of her and her sad life. Yes, there’s a lot to be said for our quiet houses (and their rose windows).

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