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4 thoughts on “October 18.20: Coping

  1. Fall is a quieter season, but I could do without the plethora of bugs this year. But, it’s another lesson – Mother Nature is really in charge not us. πŸ™‚ We had 4″ of snow a little north of us yesterday. 😦

    • Say it isn’t so! Four inches of snow? Before Halloween? Well, as you say, Nature is in charge. As for bugs, I wonder what message Nature is sending in that plethora. Here my plague is spiders the size of beefsteak tomatoes. I think they work out.

      You are so right that we aren’t in charge. Gardeners’ wisdom, yes?

  2. There’s much more going on beneath the soil than most of us can imagine. Fancy all those trees being connected by the wood wide web.

    I found a scary-looking spider on Mum’s wall at the weekend. She likes spiders though so was unfazed.

    • The wood wide web???!!! I’m gasping for air here! A most worthy literary jewel!

      I remember your mention once of your mother’s gentleness with spiders. I believe she actually touches them. Me, I want the entire length of a broom between them and me.

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