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10 thoughts on “October 11.20: Coping

  1. Beautiful reflections. I just hope 2021 doesn’t see 2020 when it looks in the mirror. 🙂

  2. I have just finished re-reading ‘Undine’ so your water picture combined with ‘soulless’ made me sigh. I can see the Giverny connection but you really need to add a green bridge.

    • I just google-skimmed to find out about “Undine,” which was unfamiliar to me, yet at one time I must have known of the myth. Alas, sometimes I think my memory is a myth. There is an eerie connection to this post, for sure. Thank you for the reference; I will try to learn more. Meanwhile, I’ll get busy on that green bridge!

      • There is one myth I vaguely remember about an island that I often look for among my books. I think I had it, and don’t think it is this one. One of those endless searches (for me, not the story).

      • Well, darn. I hope some day you find it! Seeking a myth about an island sounds endless indeed. Maybe you could just write your own — it’s really not a bad idea. (I’m good about thinking up work for others.)

      • I have lost half my shorter Oxford English Dictionary too. The truth is I tend to use the internet these days, so I am just trying to think what it might be propping up.

  3. I have to think that even half a “shorter” OED would be a formidable prop indeed. Much more likely to be found before the elusive myth, I’d guess.

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