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7 thoughts on “October 9.20: Coping

  1. Nice one. I haven’t heard any of guys passing over yet, and it was 34 when I made coffee this morning. I can admire them because I don’t have a pond that they stop at and deposit fertilizer. 🙂 Happy Friday, Maureen.

    • Thanks, and a happy Friday to you too, Judy! 34, eh? Good weather for morning coffee, but then of course any weather is good for morning coffee. You’re absolutely right that these birds are a lot easier to admire when they’re not in your back yard. I think they’d be quite handsome back in Canada.

  2. This made me smile. The birds have something bat-like about them. Perhaps it’s just the atmospheric lighting.

  3. Some days the neurons hum along, and some days they can’t seem to tune up.

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