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September 29.20: Coping


Long, long ago,

when I was very young,

there was a folksy ballad

plaintively sung.

“One meatball!”

was the soulful refrain,

and now it recurs,

stuck in my brain.

One rudbeckia

is all that I got,

a full-throated solo

in one flowerpot,

brass grand finale

in luminous ONE

as my garden is close to

officially done.

There’s hint of embrace

in this radiant burst,

a hug for the elders

that all blossomed first,

a farewell to the summer,

and hail to the fall,

singular reminiscence

of one sorry meatball.



I didn’t ask for this old song to pop into my head,

but my head often does things without my permission.

Besides, for those (few) of you who know this old song,

one ear worm deserves another, yes?

8 thoughts on “September 29.20: Coping

  1. An excellent reminder that solitary ones can be as beautiful as those in a crowd. I don’t know the song, but you put a one green bottle ear worm in my head instead. Thank you for that!

    • You’re welcome! I suspect one green bottle is as edifying as one meatball. The brain can be seriously annoying. Why it can summon up bits of melodies ad nauseum but not give me the word I need is just plain contrary.

      Yes, that solitary bloom can be its own beauty. And at times very personal.

  2. And thus does the worm live on!

  3. I just looked the lyrics up because I wasn’t familiar with the song. Mine would be – one Mexican sunflower or one Dahlia. The garden is dead both from the season and the drought. Thanks for posting this today because I know you’re well and you haven’t lost your sense of humor which are both critical things to maintain right now. πŸ™‚

    • I’m so glad that I could be the one to introduce this high-class song to you! I hope you found just the lyrics and not the sung version; if you’ve heard it sung, you risk the ear worm!

      Yes, I’m trying to be well and trying to find something to laugh about. I know you are too. Your one dahlia or one Mexican sunflower and my one rudbeckia will remind us to keep trying!

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