In search of story

September 25.20: Coping


Layered, airy —

what can I do?

I’m forced to think

of pâte à choux.

You say I am


I say my world view

is the best.

To meet the world

with proper confection

is the only way

I’ll survive this election.

With more thanks to photographer S.W. Berg,

and to Ritchey Woods, Fishers, IN.

Well, dear reader, I think it has happened: a new editing in WordPress.

The spacing in this is not what it’s supposed to be,

and I’ve tried everything I know to fix it.

6 thoughts on “September 25.20: Coping

  1. Aren’t there regulations that require sugar to get through the rest of this year? I know I saw it somewhere. 🙂

  2. Caramel apple pie fudge??? Full swoon! That is a real mystery about how it got in your bag, but I agree that you had an obligation to try it. If this is an orchard that grows fudge along with apples, I’m moving to New Hampshire.

  3. There’s something awry with my world view – I can only see green hair. I perhaps ought to wish you a l-o-n-g election so you could enjoy lots of delicacies but even with an ample supply of cakes, I suspect the shorter the better.

    • Green hair, eh? I’d have to say that isn’t nearly as dangerous as seeing pastry everywhere. And, yes, the shorter the better with this election although I fear the long-term effects of it. Pass the eclairs!

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