In search of story

September 22:20: Coping


It seems to me

there’s an obvious plot

to get my goat

(which is got a lot).

How else explain

these mortal remains,

matted and framed,

among the day’s banes?

A villainous move,

a deliberate ploy,

to irritate, vex,

to taunt and annoy.

There was nothing to do

but take all apart

and grouse at the bug

who thought he was art.



8 thoughts on “September 22:20: Coping

  1. In this current environment, it doesn’t take much to vex me, and I don’t like bugs inside regardless of size. Shoo bug, this is Maureen’s territory. 🙂 Happy Tuesday, friend.

  2. That bugs me too! (Yeah, pun intended.)

  3. How did he get in there, I wonder? I remember once having a bug stuck under a computer screen at work. It was just like a spurious comma and often sadly perplexed me in trying to remove it.

  4. A spurious comma??!! LOL, as the young folks say, but sympathetically, of course. I don’t know how bugs do this, but they do have a gift for getting in and not getting back out.

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