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September 18. 20: Coping


Table for three

on patio breezy;

blue-plate breakfast,

echinacea over easy.



Please pardon the filmy look, dear reader.

Sneaking up on finches requires a window between them and me,

and some deft manipulation of Venetian blinds and camera.

4 thoughts on “September 18. 20: Coping

  1. As you can tell from above, I forgot for a moment who I was. πŸ™‚ I love the outdoor dining, and I’ve never seen so many Finches before in my entire life. I haven’t read or seen anything explaining why there are so many, but it has certainly been interesting to watch them swoop in. Cool fall weather, and we could get a frost this weekend. Picture me bringing in bags of tomatoes. 😦

    • I’m having a late lunch here at the computer, which almost got a screenful of tunafish sandwich all over it when I read that you’d forgotten who you were. I thank you for the laugh even though it was a close call for the computer. You do have several hats, and it’s got to be hard to remember which one you’re wearing!

      A frost??? Wow. Our nights have plunged into the high 40s, and I thought that was sudden and early. Yes, get those tomatoes bagged! Meanwhile you can watch those finches swoop. Interesting that you’re seeing so many. I have seen fewer than usual but then I haven’t had a garden as usual either. I’ve enjoyed the ones that have stopped by — maybe they’ve been on their way to NH!

  2. This made me smile. Strictly the echinaceas look to be well done, but over easy has much nicer associations. You inspired me to look up collective nouns for goldfinches, assuming that’s what they are. I found quite a few. A treasury seemed the most apt.

  3. Good gracious, I never thought of that! Breakfast Extra Crispy is certainly more accurate! And “treasury” for a flock of goldfinches? Apt indeed! I had no idea — I like it! Thank you!

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