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6 thoughts on “August 20.20: Coping

  1. There is nothing that makes me smile like a little library. I love the unique architecture that people choose, and I am always a fan of lending books. Perfect for this Thursday morning. 🙂

    • Thanks, Judy! Maybe we could think of this as an unofficial part of Thursday doors. These little libraries are certainly a testament to people’s creativity. So many little things have a big place in life!

  2. What a lovely, little library. It reminds me of Beatrix Potter. Her books would fit very nicely inside it.
    There is one at my local city park. Books in English, French, Russian and Hebrew.
    It is on a busy corner and I see that people, including myself, both take and return books, often with interest.

    • Oh, Shirah! The thought of a multi-lingual little library is more than I can fathom! Especially in this time of such division among people, the mere concept of a little library in different languages is mind-boggling — and very, very uplifting. And, yes, Beatrix Potter would fit very tidily!

  3. Thanks indeed. It does look like a face. I love to see these little libraries when I’m in the US and always browse. They are extremely rare here.

    • I don’t know when or where they began, but they certainly are wonderful. I do love the element of mystery about them.

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