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7 thoughts on “August 6.20: Coping

  1. A belated “God bless you!”

  2. Too funny! We have masks for each of us in both vehicles, but we have to keep them segregated. I just drove the truck this morning, and I have three in there, and he has one. In the car, I have two and he has four. I’m always looking for one that lets me breathe. When people look back at photos from 2020 half of them will probably include masks on. 🙂

    • A mask for every occasion — that’s where we’re headed, I think. I congratulate you on being ready for anything! This whole mask thing would be comical were it not so serious. I agree that we’ll be looking back (I HOPE!) on photos of masks, and, if we’re lucky, they’ll be only from 2020!

  3. I suppose in theory they are designed for that, but it does not sound good in practice.

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