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8 thoughts on “July 28.20: Coping

  1. These guys have clearly not heard of social distancing, but they certainly understand snuggling with siblings. 🙂 Life is simple for them right now. I hope they stretch it out and enjoy it. Stay cool and enjoy your Tuesday. 🙂

    • Thanks for the chuckle! Yes, they don’t know much about social distancing! They look as though they’re about to fall out of that nest any minute.

      Good luck with the awful heat there. My air conditioner went out yesterday but we had a blessed cooling with the afternoon storm so it’s not too bad in here yet. This morning the fog is settling in like pea soup. What a summer!

  2. Baby birds always look part cute, part alarming. I am glad to count four beaks!

  3. Hang on – I spoke too soon. Is that three beaks?

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