In search of story

June 15.20: Coping



above below

gives me doubts

and vertigo.

I fear my eye


if sameness is

my constant lens.

I can sometimes

see anew

when things are toppled

all askew.

From eye to brain


what I think I know

from what I think I see.



Many years ago, while I was caregiver to Dad, I audited Beginning Drawing at a nearby university. I couldn’t finish it because Dad grew so much worse, but even in that partial semester I learned immeasurably more than I can tell you, dear reader. One assignment was to draw something upside-down. Life was upside-down anyway, so why not? It was for me an astonishing process. It is one thing to draw something as you see it; it is another thing entirely to draw something as you don’t see it. When I was forced to turn an image upside-down and draw it, I was also forced to think differently. It was surprisingly uncomfortable.



4 thoughts on “June 15.20: Coping

  1. Are you describing life as we know it today? I think so. Stay well, friend. 🙂

    • It didn’t start out that way; it just started out from the two perceptions of the same cloud. But I realized as I tried to write and fumbled for words that this applied to the here and now. And also to other times in life.

      Armed with mask and sanitizer (and chocolate), I am indeed trying to stay well. I hope the same for you, friend.

  2. Food for thought for me here. I can’t draw any way up but wouldn’t have expected it to be any harder upside down. Is it connected with the ease of seeing the whole picture?

  3. Could be. I think I did not see the same wholeness in the upside-down position, and in the drawing of it I certainly saw parts and shapes that I didn’t observe when I instantly perceived the whole in its usual state. It was for me rather disorienting.

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