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10 thoughts on “June 7.20: Coping

  1. Cute and funny. 🙂 Like the header shot too. Happy Sunday, Maureen.

    • Happy Sunday to you, too, Judy. It’s been good to watch these little fuzzballs — a needed bit of lightness.

    • Aren’t they, though? That is one busy mama, I’ll tell you!

      • A little thrift store located near the edge of a river once had a box of baby mallards it had rescued (not for sale!) behind the counter. I’ve never wanted anything MORE, lol. A box of sweetly peeping fuzzies? Sign us up, right? (Enjoy — and thank you for sharing.)

  2. Golden fuzz it is, too. I love to see ducklings going anywhere. They struggle, but in a comical, I-can-do-this way.

  3. What I wouldn’t pay to be decked out like that.

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