In search of story

June 3.20: Coping


In solemn grace

amid death’s drums

something beautiful

this way comes.



With thanks to Shakespeare

and to whatever benevolence

sent the swans to the pond.


In no way, dear reader, do I intend this to be some saccharine comment

about how things aren’t as bad as they seem:

things ARE as bad as they seem.

But sometimes there’s a moment of reprieve.





10 thoughts on “June 3.20: Coping

  1. Right now, we live for those moments. Thank you to you and the swan for this wonderful opportunity.

  2. We all need it.

  3. I’m glad the swans came your way. I have been thinking a lot of where we are now and hoping for the better, more peaceful world they represent.

    • Thanks — I’m glad too. It was really a most unusual appearance.

      Indeed, thinking a lot of where we are now must make us hope for the peacefulness they hint at. Hope is mighty hard to come by these days.

  4. Moments of beauty are indeed solace amidst the insanity. We need to remember to look for them.

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