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8 thoughts on “May 29.20: Coping

  1. Oh I like this one, and it matches the header shot. 🙂 Hope all is well with you this Friday.

    • Thank you! Yes, it does match, and I could pretend I did that on purpose, but you’d know better. The whole world was colored differently after our rains last night — you know, that kind of aura that happens after a summery rain. I think the lavender cast was part of that. We’re drippy and cool here this morning, so we get a break from the sticky heat. I hope your Friday is good!

      • Friday found me at Walmart at 8 a.m. Some things like a large trash can you just can’t buy online, and I try to avoid the crowds by going early. But, they only open one door at that time so you have to line up, follow the arrows, and then go as fast as you can to get in and out. Not my favorite way to start the day, BUT ‘mission accomplished.’

      • Congratulations! That is no small accomplishment — but what a start to your day!

  2. …and unobtainable?

  3. Now that’s a new word for me, even without the -able. Thanks!

    • We do swap words, don’t we? Nothing like poetic license to give one permission to dispense with the dictionary.

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