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May 10.20: Coping


Ten of my mother’s favorite rules:

     Nothing is clean if you do it the easy way.

     If it holds still, iron it.

     Always counter the opposing view with “that’s just dumb.”

     There is no such thing as too many Christmas cookies.

     Always bake with butter.

     Never leave the house without a hankie.

     The punch line is irrelevant.

     Pie is for breakfast.

     Nothing is more beautiful than cows’ eyes.

     Gardening isn’t work.

My resident gremlin has hidden the photo I wanted to post with this. If you, dear reader, have experience with such a gremlin, then you know it is absolutely not my fault that I can’t find it. But I know my mom would love that peony bud.

I am not a big fan of what Mothers’ Day has become here, but I’m a fan of all mothers and fathers and grandparents and foster parents and all others who step up to nurture and protect children. May they all, present and past, be honored. And may we find ways to help them at this time.


9 thoughts on “May 10.20: Coping

  1. Nice one especially this year when most of us are alone. 🙂 I like your Mom’s rules especially since I had crumb cake for breakfast. I also had a good chuckle at the hankie reference. When my brother-in-law flew in February, he was pulled out of the security line because he had something they couldn’t identify in his pocket. He was wanded. He was taken to a separate room and asked to remove it. The security folks asked him what it was – it was a hankie. We’re old, Maureen, we really are, but we’re here ‘living history.’ So, have yourself the merriest of Mother’s Days that you can, and I’ll do the same. 🙂

    • Thanks, Judy! The same to you: the merriest we can make it.

      I’ve always said there’s nothing more subversive than a hankie! You can’t be too careful around people who carry such things. Do you remember when we used to plop them on our heads for impromptu church visits? Yes, we’re old, but sometimes I think age gives us more to laugh at.

      My mother would definitely approve of crumb cake for breakfast! I do too!

  2. I can see the peony bud. Happy Mother’s Day! The hanky story made me laugh. I once nearly missed my plane because security thought my comb was a knife. You’d have thought other people would pack combs. I have a different ironing saying – if you can avoid ironing, you should!

    • Thank you for the laugh and for the Mothers’ Day wish! I do think that your ironing saying is what most people say. I have adopted a middle road between my mother and most people. She would be appalled that I do not iron underwear or nightgowns.

      Judy’s hanky story is a classic! And you with your equally subversive comb! If we didn’t laugh, we’d cry.

  3. Remember sprinkling clothes brought in from the line, then rolling them up and sticking them in the Frigidaire to iron later? Me, neither! 🌷 Happy Mothers Day.

  4. Sprinkling clothes I most definitely remember. Keeping them in the refrigerator? Not so much. But I certainly remember that laundry started the week and was no small chore. I do miss hanging things outdoors.

  5. Ah, memories. What full lives we have had. I still have my Mother’s and Aunt’s hankies in a drawer. Ironing, what’s that?? Your Mother ironed underwear?? Gosh. My sister irons sheets. Never for me. I love this blog. Thanks! Happy and safe Mothers Day to all.

    • Isn’t it interesting how something so mundane as hankies used to be can become keepsakes? It’s so important to have touchable things like that; touching is so different from just seeing. Yes, my mom ironed everything but rugs. I still iron sheets and pillowcases; some habits are hard to break. Happy Mothers’ Day to you too!

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