In search of story

May 9.20: Coping


The gnarly muffin,

oven art:

happy stomach,

happy heart.

Each lump a wink

of what’s within,

promise of sugar

on the chin.


I read of COVID projects.

One of mine is the pursuit of the



blueberry muffin.

A worthy quest, don’t you think, dear reader?


7 thoughts on “May 9.20: Coping

  1. A delicious blueberry muffin, with or without gluten, is definitely a worthy quest. I hope it was delicious. 🙂 I eat blueberries almost every morning. A day with blueberries is a good day. 🙂

  2. A very worthy quest. Plastic perfection is overrated in muffins – gnarly is almost a guarantee of wholesomeness. Either your blueberries are massive or your muffins small – I’m used to the ones that grow wild on our moors and in woodland (wimberries).

    • Absolutely — a smooth and tidy muffin is not to be trusted! I’d say the blueberries in these muffins qualify as massive. I cannot imagine the luxury of blueberries that grow wild. That would be fun! And what happy purple faces!

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