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May 2.20: Coping


In the tranquility of morning

I was focused on my toast

when the weirdest of small sounds

seemed a visit from a ghost.

No one, nothing, was about

except just only me —

what could I have heard?

Did I really want to see?

There it was, pathetic mess,

in painful black and white:

potting soil on carpet

a gruesome morning sight.

Seedlings knocked unconscious

lying there all messed;

What the heck? I queried,

at my expressive best.

How this could have happened

will ever be unknown:

did it jump off by itself

or was it somehow thrown?

It took its place among

the unsolved mysteries

I pondered as I vacuumed

on my hands and knees.



I have concluded, dear reader, that there are things that happen

just to make us nuts.




12 thoughts on “May 2.20: Coping

  1. Oh, no. To lose all those seedlings is a crime, but to clean the soil out of white carpeting is a whole other level of pain. I have things sitting on windowsills and make shift tables, but I haven’t had white carpet is a long time. πŸ™‚ Hope you salvaged a few to ease the pain of cleaning. πŸ™‚

    • One of the very few things I didn’t like about this place when I bought it was the carpet color. Beautiful but it meant I had to walk on my hands. (Ha.) You understand exactly about the pain. I did salvage three seedlings which I think are going to be OK. I’ve now moved the whole operation to the kitchen. Not the best light, but better protection to my sanity, which is a bit wobbly at the moment.

      • Picture me laughing out loud, and let me tell you why. When I went down to go outside to word, I wanted to take my lettuce seedlings out to get some sun. There was one thing – I forgot I had them propped up with a board and tipped the whole cell pack on the floor. I laughed then too and only wished I could have shared it with you. We could have both had ourselves a good laugh. How stupid especially after seeing your post.

      • NO!!! We would have had to laugh but I also think we’d have had to head to the nearest bakery in search of consolation. Dear heavens!

      • Chocolate would have definitely soothed both our souls. You should see my poor lettuce seedlings. They look just like someone dropped them on their head. πŸ™‚

      • Poor little things! I wonder if you can find teeny-tiny bandages and tuck them back in. I seem to be noticing that all my seedlings are trying to scoot away from me when I go to check them. Apparently they think I’m bad luck.

  2. Good heavens!! This is eerie. Do you suppose Basil had anything to do with it??? You have given me a another wonderful morning.

  3. I saw this the other day and couldn’t find words to express my dismay at the white carpet + seedlings. I still can’t. Two tiny nasturtium seedlings have broken soil in their egg box container inside a plastic clothes bag (needs must) in my kitchen this morning – I will be viewing them with suspicion.

    • Although I laugh, I still commend you for being wide awake. We know now we cannot trust these wiggly little green things. I think I have rescued the carpet from permanent black stain, but I do check for black grit from time to time.

  4. Oh, grass stains! I can modestly say I was the master of the grass stain. It took lots of practice and no encouragement whatsoever from my mother.

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