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April 30.20: Coping


And so, dear reader, do we come to the end of Poetry Month, which I have endeavored to mark with a poem a day. I have greatly appreciated your company along the way, and I thank you with something for today’s celebration of Poem-In-Your-Pocket Day.  I have sent this to you before, but, since it’s one of my favorites, I send it again.


We glibly talk

of nature’s laws

but do things have

a natural cause?

Black earth becoming

yellow crocus

is undiluted


                                 — Piet Hein


I can’t say I’m any closer to a satisfying definition of poetry. It completely eludes me why some things are considered poems. Although I try to work with rhyme, it’s not because I think rhyme makes a poem; it’s something else that makes a poem. That part is mysterious to me.

But besides marking poetry month, I wrote daily as a way of coping. Poetry month might be over, but I still have to cope, so I might continue the mighty effort to post something every day. It’s good for me to try. I hope you are finding ways to cope, too. The anguish of this time is real and deep and we have to find ways to hold on to our humanness.

8 thoughts on “April 30.20: Coping

  1. Normally, the month of April flies by. This year, it has crawled by hour by hour. I must admit I’m not sorry to see it hit the road. What’s next? Who knows, but at least we will be able to sit outside, breathe fresh air, and enjoy nature as the temps warm up. Happy Thursday.

    • There has really been some kind of alteration of time, hasn’t there? When we think back on this, will it all be just a black hole where life stopped and nothing happened? It feels like that sometimes even though I know lots is happening — and not all good. You are right to look ahead to fresh and warm air and maybe even bright blue skies. Happy Thursday to you, too, Judy! We’ll hope that this endless April leads to a hopeful May.

  2. Do keep writing! I’ve so enjoyed your poems each day. You have a gift to share during these bleak times, and we who read so appreciate it.

  3. I’ve appreciated your poetry this month. I hope you enjoyed composing it as much as we enjoyed parsing it.

  4. Thank you! Sometimes “enjoyment” isn’t quite the right word when it comes to writing, as it often seems more like a wrestling match than a party, but there is still some value in the wrestling, I think, and that’s a good thing.

  5. Black earth is the most amazing of all hocus pocuses. I’ve been very happy to see you posting every day.

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