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April 28.20: Coping


I know it’s just pretend,

a world contrived for stage,

but I want to see some people,

some over-easy eggs.

Those stools were made for twirling,

the mustard made to squirt,

the door was made for swinging,

but they’re eerily inert.

The world’s a stage, the poet said,

for fools to strut and fret;

that may be so but still we miss

the people for the set.



And so, dear reader, we bungle on without people on our sets.

I hope you endure.

With thanks to photographer S.W. Berg

and, of course, to The Bard.

4 thoughts on “April 28.20: Coping

  1. Perfect! I just returned from a 7 a.m. trip to the grocery store where 99% of the 75 people allowed in the store had face coverings. The last time I went the number allowed was 120. There was zero flour but there was sugar, zero toilet paper but there were a few rolls of paper towels, zero frozen veggies in one double doored case except for onions. Good thing onions were on my list. There are arrows in the aisles so you only walk in one direction, and when I’d stop, whoever was behind me would stop. Very few would even pass me if I stopped to get something. What an eerie existence this is right now. Even when the state lifts certain bans, I wonder how or if we’ll come back from this isolated lifestyle we’ve all had to adopt. Will there be people on the set or will there be caution tape on the two middle stools? I saw a cartoon – 2020 is the year a roll of toilet paper costs more than a gallon of gasoline. I think that says it all. 🙂

  2. Wow. I’d been wondering what things would look like when the day comes that I go shopping again. It sounds so very dismal. No flour? No vegetables? Yes, I’d say it’s a good thing you wanted onions, but still the whole picture is bleak and scary. However, it does sound as though you are shopping with people who understand, and thank goodness for such people.

    You are right to wonder if the middle stools will be taped off — will this be the world we’re headed into? Toilet paper more dear than gas? And no knocking knees with your brother on the next twirly stool? I cannot yet imagine it.

  3. The perfect post for our sorry age.

    I approve of the arrows in the shopping aisles. Ours are not so ordered and it is quite impossible to buy shopping without coming within 6 ft of somebody. We have (pretty much) been asked not to use masks to save them for the people caring for others who desperately need them as the supply has been touch and go here, although I would not be surprised if the advice changes. It is hard to know what to do for the best.

    • Masks are mandated here when people go out, but cloth masks will do and so people are improvising, so far as I can tell. Some stores are mandating masks for employees and for shoppers, but I don’t know if they mandate what kind. They are in short supply here, too.

      “Sorry age” indeed.

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