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April 26.20: Coping


Let’s start the week

with a fond reminiscence

of life’s punctuation

with sweet evanescence.

Dessert is but transient

gone in a trice

yet forever recalled

as joy in a slice.

So here on purpled plate

an offering to you

of memory, then hope,

evoked by finest goo.



And maybe, dear reader, a day will come when we eat dessert with others —


Meanwhile, I salute you with blueberry goo and hope you are safe and healthy.


More thanks to photographer S.W. Berg, and his fine eye for desserts!

And applause to Forno, Baltimore, for the gorgeous presentation!

7 thoughts on “April 26.20: Coping

  1. Dessert is essential in these times but would be much sweeter shared with others. This morning I’ll be whipping up some key lime pie in a jar because afternoon coffee is not the same without dessert. šŸ™‚ Have a good day, Maureen, and I hope your feathered friends are around to evoke a few chuckles. Not many chuckles here – snow is in the forecast, again.

    • I saw something about snow in your part of the country but I wanted to think I was not reading right. That is dreadful. We SO need light and warmth! Your idea of the key lime pie with coffee sounds like very good therapy in these days that lack sweetness. It’s very dark and wet here, and so far the only one out and about is a rabbit. A very large specimen, too. He’s enjoying a freshly-washed salad. If he is a she, I am worried about what her girth means for my garden, if I ever have one! I hope a good day for you, too, Judy.

  2. Thank heavens for life’s punctuation – sweet in sour on the plate as out in the world. But we are never contented. On the plate, personally I would wish for more of the sour, in life, for us all, more of the sweet.

    • A most interesting thought. Indeed, sometimes it’s that tang of the sour that is so delicious. But, yes, a little more of the sweet for us is certainly to be wished.

  3. Oh my goodness! What is that on the plate? Whatever it is, I’m starving for it.

    • Oh, yeah. You really don’t have to know what it is to want it! I totally agree! But it is (are you ready?) limoncello ricotta bar with lemon whipped cream and blueberry compote. I can’t imagine making such a thing, but I sure can imagine eating it!

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