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6 thoughts on “April 24.20: Coping

  1. Applause to the mighty seed popping through! Thank you for the opportunity to look up the word, behoof, because I was not familiar with it. Learning Friday – it’s a good thing. Take care, Maureen.

    • Indeed, applause to the mighty seed! What wonders in them! “Behoof” is another wonder, isn’t it? Some words ought not fall out of our vocabularies — they’re just too much fun.

  2. Behoof is new to me too. It sounds like something a horse might say when it is newly shod “I’ve been behoofed…’.

    I’ll look it up!

  3. I’m sure many a horse has said just that. An inter-species word!

  4. Behoofed or not, congratulations on your new arrival.

  5. Thanks, Shirah! A seedling never fails to amaze me.

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