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4 thoughts on “April 16.20: Coping

  1. So true! I was out dumping leaves in the pucker brush only to see two forsythias in bloom that I had planted last year. I put them out of the way so they wouldn’t have to be moved or trimmed in the future because let’s face it, I’m not getting any younger. 🙂 But, I was so excited to see their blooms, it made my morning.

    • How wonderful! It sounds as though they were a bit of a surprise in the moment, and I can’t think of a greater joy for a gardener. Obviously they like their new home, and couldn’t wait to pop out at you — I can well believe they made your morning!

  2. You’ve reminded me of something on one of Laurie Graves’s recent posts, which was (I may be paraphrasing):

    Winter is slow to end in Maine, but in the end Spring always has her way

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