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April 15.20: Coping


Yesterday was awful

it started freezing cold

news blizzards swirled around me

I felt beat up and old.

The only thing to do

before I oxidized

was check the windswept pond

for life more civilized.

It seemed I had new neighbors,

two couples, more’s the merry;

I think they’re blue-winged teals —

how very salutary!



Do you know, dear reader?

Am I becoming duck-savvy?

I grieve to say my buffleheads have not come back.

11 thoughts on “April 15.20: Coping

  1. It might be that we only get to see buffleheads in the feather once on this side of the veil. Once could never be enough, tho’, could it — we’ll have to behave so we can one day see more! ☺️ TY for the photos and for all your sweet, poignant written odes, too.

  2. Thank you for your kind words! Sometimes we must be grateful for the one look, be it buffleheads or some other wonder. Still I can hope for more!

  3. Yes, blue-winged teals! The way I remember them is the white half-moon on the male’s face. I think of “moon,” ”blue moon,” and there you have it – blue-winged teals!

    • Oh, excellent! Thank you! I’m very excited about the possibility of different ducks right in my back yard! I must say they keep the blue of their wings well hidden — very sneaky of them.

  4. It’s hard to spot the “blue,” just a little patch at the back of the wing, and I think it looks the same color in blue-winged and green-winged teals, so that’s not a good identifying mark.

  5. Beautiful new neighbors. Welcome. And, yes, here’s hoping your other friends come back to visit because they are beauties sure to perk up the spirits. The sun is shining here today so that sure helps my mood.

  6. Very much more duck savvy than me, certainly. Have you any news about your son recently? Are the rest of the family still OK?

    • Thanks for asking. I keep forgetting to update. He seems to be mending, although he doesn’t have his energy back yet. The rest are OK, yes. As for being duck-savvy, I’d have said at one time that the two kinds of ducks are little and big. I’m definitely improving.

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