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4 thoughts on “April 12.20: Coping

  1. Happy Easter, Maureen. If only I had a bag of jelly beans, I could make this day work. 🙂

  2. Red ones! Thanks for the reminder! I was thinking this morning how far away white gloves and Easter bonnets seem. I’d totally forgotten about jelly beans, and shame on me. Happy Easter to you, too, Judy!

  3. Thank you and Happy Easter to you! We didn’t have jelly beans. I never had an Easter bonnet either so far as I remember and it would have been a rash person who entrusted me or my sister with white gloves. We used to get boxes designed like cuckoo clocks at one stage with twelve eggs, but I haven’t seen them for years.

  4. A box that looked like a cuckoo clock! That sounds wonderful! So you had the Easter Cuckoo instead of the Easter Bunny? Forgive my laughter at your take on you and your sister in white gloves. Indeed, they never stayed white for long, and one did NOT eat black jelly beans with white gloves on. But no jelly beans in your past. Goodness. I thought Easter required a jellybean stomachache.

    Happy Easter to you, Susan! May the next one be brighter for us all!

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