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4 thoughts on “April 8.20: Coping

  1. Beautiful! We have cooler temps but beautiful sunshine today which always makes me a happy camper. I did some gardening this morning and now I’m off to do a little more sewing on a rabbit I’m working on. In between, I’m just enjoying that sun. Happy Wednesday, Maureen. I hope your son is feeling better.

    • Thanks, Judy! My daughter-in-law emailed this morning that my son looked better at yesterday’s end than he did at the beginning, so that was good. We really don’t feel as though we are on firm ground with this yet.

      Sunshine here too! It is WONDERFUL! I got an area weeded and cleaned up and am feeling very pleased with myself! A happy Wednesday for sure! I’m glad to hear it’s the same for you!

  2. No, I missed it. I was disappointed when I read it was not really going to be pink, although in your shot, it does look very pink.

    • Here it was a peachy-pink and then a bright golden orange as it rose above the trees. It was amazing! I’m sorry that you missed it!

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