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April 7.20: Coping


“Lavender blue”

and “lavender green”

a few “dilly-dilly’s”

and “you’ll be my queen.”

I never could figure

the words to this song

but that didn’t stop me

from singing along.

I find peace in my garden

and old-timey words

where twitters and tweets

come only from birds.



Family update: my son had “a bit of a relapse” yesterday.

He is being careful.


6 thoughts on “April 7.20: Coping

  1. I’m glad that, although he had a relapse, he seems to be holding his own.

    • Thanks, Shirah. Based on what little I know, I’d say that these relapses are part of the way it runs its course. It sure keeps us guessing!

  2. No, no, no – no relapse, please. Thank goodness he’s home which is probably safer than being in a hospital right now. I will up the prayers that this is getting to the end and he’ll be back in tip top form soon. I was not familiar with that song so you provided me another learning moment. Thank you, my mind needed that. đŸ™‚

    • Really? You didn’t sing “Lavender Blue” back in the day? Well, I’m glad you know it now; it’s a sweet old song, I think.

      The relapse was a big worry for me yesterday, but he assures me he knows about such things and is being careful. My daughter-in-law told me this morning that he looked better yesterday evening. This up-and-down might be the way it goes for a while. It’s been almost three weeks now, and I should think that’s enough.

  3. Oh gosh! I’m very glad to have been able to see your comment that he seemed a little better later in the day. It is a very trying condition. It must be hard not to worry yourself into an illness too, so I hope you are all bearing up and taking good care of yourselves, patient and loved ones.

    I agree ‘Lavender’s Blue’ is a sweet song, but the trouble is lately I have been pestered by people lifting their beer and saying ‘Dilly Dilly’ in reflection of my Britishness when I am over in the US, due to some advert. Perhaps if I had seen the advert I would be better placed to appreciate the spirit of the salvation.

    • No! Really? “Dilly, dilly” is a toast? What I miss by not having television! That could ruin an old song.

      Thanks so much for your concern. I was greatly relieved when my daughter-in-law told me that my son looked better and sounded better by day’s end. This is such nasty business.

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