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April 5.20: Coping


In a chunk of bread


crusty warm


ennobling us

this humble fare

by causing us

to want to share

and so, dear reader,

to you from me

a lap load of crumbs



Yet more thanks to photographer S.W. Berg.

And kudos to McCormick & Schmick’s for the handsome sourdough.


To the mystery plant of my April 3 post: could that be Echinacea?

I remember potting one to save it from rabbits, the wretches.


6 thoughts on “April 5.20: Coping

  1. I love good bread. Heck, I even enjoy mediocre bread. That plant has provided a much needed brain challenge. 🙂 Whatever gets us through this right – good bread and a mystery plant. Happy Sunday, Maureen.

    • And don’t forget laughter, not that there’s much opportunity for it. But I did get a good laugh out of your comment about mediocre bread. So an occasional laugh, some good bread and a mystery plant — yes, whatever gets us through. Happy Sunday to you, too, Judy!

  2. Thanks for generously sharing… a lap load of crumbs!? (Brushing them off) But thanks for the smiles. Any more news yet about your son and his family?

    • He sent a brief note this morning saying that he was feeling better but still couldn’t do even simple things without fatigue. But no trouble breathing, and that is great. Are you and your family avoiding this so far?

      As for the lap of crumbs, I consider that proof of good bread. And you’re welcome!

      • That is great news. We’re all OK so far. I’m hoping you’ve not been in contact with him lately, need I say?

        I have been known to hoover up crumbs of good bread.

  3. Ah, the hoover technique. I approve. Good crumbs ought never be left.

    The last time I was with them was March 6, and he began to feel sick on the 18th, so we think I was not exposed. Very glad to hear that you and yours are all OK so far. This is nasty business.

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