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6 thoughts on “March 30.20: Coping

  1. Ditto here. Some, as in my hubby, might say I’m down right grumpy. 🙂 Enough already – does anyone know these are suppose to be our ‘golden years.’ Guess, we’ll need a new term for these years. 🙂 Stay safe, keep talking to the ducks, at least they won’t say anything that makes you more annoyed. 🙂

    • You a grump? That’s very hard to imagine, given the tone of your blog posts. However, I think that we all have to give ourselves, and each other, permission to grouse and grump around. Golden years, my Aunt Fanny (one of my family’s favorite expressions). I’m so cranky that even when the ducks say nothing they annoy me. You stay safe too so we can keep grumping along.

  2. There are moments when cheer just doesn’t do, and the only proper way to respond is Grrrr. Communal Grrrs are so much more satisfying too.

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