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March 28.20: Coping


I seem to remember

when every grown-up

would sip something vile

from an everyday cup;

with cute little handle

and familiar old chip,

it was frequently clutched

in morning death grip.

I hadn’t yet learned

the elixir brew

was what made the sun rise

and enabled virtue.

But learn it I did

and in the meanwhile

the mug came along

in new sipping style.

Each mug a billboard

devoted to brevity,

graphics and text

mixing java with levity,

it warms our cold hands

not to mention our hearts,

so here’s to the mug

and the lift it imparts!



Lifting my mug this morning to you, dear reader,

with wishes for you and your loved ones:

may you be safe!

Saluting also photographer S.W. Berg

and coffee mug aficionado D.J. Berg!





8 thoughts on “March 28.20: Coping

  1. Yes! The one thing I hoarded – Peet’s coffee. 🙂 Life is challenging enough without good coffee – that I couldn’t take. 🙂 I can eat what I normally don’t choose, but I HAVE to have my thermal cup of coffee twice a day. 🙂 Stay safe and sane, Maureen. It’s a challenge, but we can do it. 🙂

  2. I just opened a new bag of Peet’s this morning! I mix mine with Cafe Bustelo. My personal brew. I couldn’t agree more about good coffee; it is a gift from the gods, and I am daily grateful for it!

    I also agree that we can do it, much like Rosie the Riveter, but in a whole different world. Challenge indeed!

  3. A delightful poem, and so true. I will have to try Peet’s, now that I see you and Judy above both like it and/or have hoarded it! It’s funny, I’d thought myself the only one who mixes some kind of espresso with the delicious daily brew. I need that extra oomph.

    • Thank you! As to extra oomph, you and me both! I wonder how many of us mix our own in the mornings. The Peet’s I use is called Major Dickason’s Blend. Full disclosure: I’ve come up with some mixes that could have been called Major Disappointment Blend.

      • LOL, oh, we’ve both probably come up with rocket fuel, and drank it anyway! I can’t remember what blend, but the best (New England-based) coffee I’ve tasted so far is WRC (Woodshed Roasting Company). Looking forward to trying the Major!

  4. Woodshed Roasting is a great name! As to rocket fuel, bring it on!

  5. Keep safe!

    I’m a coffee ruffian, preferring instant, granulated, UK supermarket style coffee, but I love the warmth you highlight. I find it hard to get the ruffian coffee when I’m in the US so usually take some with me.

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