In search of story

March 22.20


The pond mirror

in leaden shinery

tells form

absent finery/

long-leggedy beastie

starkly spindly

twiggy as spring




With thanks to the Bump-In-The-Night prayer.

Full disclosure, dear reader: I changed this post. A few hours after I posted it, different words started to poke around in my head. I didn’t ask for them. They just started bullying me.


8 thoughts on “March 22.20

  1. Interesting isn’t is as we humans try to find a balance in this current pandemic that the animals are able to go about their normal routine. I think they just might be sharing a chuckle at us being confined indoors while they enjoy their natural environment without us interfering. 🙂

    • Yes, I think they don’t miss us at all! As to finding a balance in this pandemic, I have no idea what it might be. I’m grateful to have the birds to watch in these dark days, and I was really pleased to see this gorgeous heron back and looking quite splendid.

  2. I agree with the assessment about animals. I gaze out our window and my spirits are lifted seeing pelicans fly by. Your picture of the heron is fantastic!

  3. Better to have too many words (bouncing around in your head) than too few.

  4. I like winter dwindly but only have a vague understanding of it.

  5. I’m glad you like it. As I read more about the mysteries of poetry, and fully realizing that rhyme is not the same as poetry, I give myself permission sometimes to experiment. I thought that branches that once wore snow and were changing to slightest budding could be seen as signs of a dwindling winter. Ergo, winter dwindly. Spellcheck objects, of course.

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