In search of story

March 17.20


Shamrocks and shillelaghs,

leprechauns and gold,

corned beef and some blarney,

happily rigmaroled,

can’t belay the sadness

or take away the fear,

but can soften “social distance,”

letting words bring us more near.


Wishing us all better times on this St. Paddy’s Day, dear reader.



With many thanks to Susan Rushton

for helping me get photos back in my posts!

7 thoughts on “March 17.20

  1. I just did a post and totally forgot what day today is. I guess everything seems to be overshadowed by the situation. So, thank you for reminding me and Happy St. Patrick’s Day right back at you. 🍀

    • It took me a cup or two of serious coffee this morning to realize what day it was. Given that my great-grandparents came from Tipperary, and my younger son is a Patrick, that was truly a sign of my mental state. You are so right that our current situation overshadows everything, as well it should. But we will wish each other a happy St. Patrick’s Day anyway. I know somewhere in this blessed mess there dwells a St. Patrick holycard, snakes and all! (Can you believe that spellcheck doesn’t like the word “holycard”? It doesn’t know about holycards? Well, WE do!)

  2. My pleasure. Your poem is an apt message for the times and I echo you in wishing us all better times. And a happy St Patrick’s Day to you too.

  3. Very glad to see your cheery shamrocks make an appearance despite the grim news. My only celebration was a brief jig in isolation.

  4. I’d say that a jig is a very impressive type of celebration. Isolation, however, is nothing to celebrate. It is indeed a grim time. But so good to hear from you!

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