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March 15.20


This would be a beautiful morning were it in November and were we not in the world we are now in. The snow is falling thick and white out of a grey sky onto a brown world. The pond is black and shivering. Yes, there are buds, and, yes, there are tips of daffodils and a brilliant purple star of a crocus in the front yard.

But the darkness prevails. As we all know, the darkness is internal. The light, when it comes, will be internal too.

I have not been able to upload new photos into my blog posts. WordPress tells me I have a “New Home” in which I can “learn and grow.” I don’t want someone else to decide when and how I should learn and grow and whether I need a new home. As trivial as this is in the grand scheme of things, this change is the last thing I want to deal with right now. So I have not been posting. But I think of you, dear reader, with concern.

As writers we have two obligations, I think: one is to write what is, and the other is to write what could be. It’s a delicate balance these days as we try to acknowledge what is and not get mired down in it. We do have to keep one eye on that little purple star, which is at present huddled into itself against the cold.





11 thoughts on “March 15.20

  1. I’m also feeling oppressed by the darkness. My calendar has been wiped clean, with nothing whatsoever to look forward to for weeks, maybe months. Every day seems like the one before. But we will get through this. I send my love. “Stay calm and carry on.”

  2. Thanks! The sense of oppression is fairly universal, I fear, but I think it’s good to articulate it. I hope you are well stocked and have friends checking on you. My love to you, too. This will not be easy.

  3. Have you sent an email to the WordPress and asked. I’d understand if they said you were out of room for photos and needed to upgrade, but… And, the world is pretty darn dark right now. It has been very upsetting to see how we are all reacting to this crisis. On 9/11 we pulled together, but now we are pulling apart. Sad and scary.

  4. Sad and scary indeed. Are you back home yet? As to WordPress, no, I have not emailed them; I know I’m not out of room and I am just too tired in my head to deal with the jargon. I hope you and your family are safe and healthy.

  5. We all have the irritating new home, I think, and it irritates the heebie jeebies out of me too. But all the other bits are where they always were, and we can find them. I will help you.

    If you have been using the old way of posting (as I do) you can still get to it by typing or copying and pasting exactly this
    in the white search bar at the top centre of the screen. If you do it when you are on your site, it will already have up to com in the box and you just need to add /wp-admin/ at the end without a space
    Then press enter. (or tap the circular arrow to the right hand side of the white search bar).

    It will not work for anyone else who tries it – only you have access to that bit. Please give it a try. Nothing is lost if that does not work, or if you type it in wrongly first time around. It won’t break anything. It is just a slightly different website address (or an url). Imagine that your site has an old living room you like and someone just built an extension and the builders left you locked in the extension. This is a key to let you back in the old place.

    • You may actually be able to click on the link that is in the comment to get there, which would be great.

      • I did click on that link, and by doing so I was able to get to the old format AND insert a photo! So I have two things to say: one is THANK YOU! and the other is WHY? I was able to get to that old format before but I couldn’t upload a photo. Why does it work if I go through this new door? So now — theoretically — if I add the /wp-admin/ to my blog address, I can add a photo to my blog? It sounds both simple and confounding. I will be holding my breath to see if it continues to work. Thank you, Susan!

      • I’m so happy it worked. My fingers are crossed it stays that way. The link will stay in the comment unless you move it. But adding /wp-admin/ to your blog address should work too.

        I’m not 100% sure why you could get to the old format before and not upload a picture, but let’s be thankful for small mercies. It could be that you had accidentally clicked to hide something or to go onto the new block editor – they tempt us with it every now and again – and your computer was remembering the setting but the new door is offering you a clean slate. We can imagine it as a gift from the universe.

        There are two content editors (that means places you can post from). They work differently and look different, and we are encouraged to always use the newest one. This is a hack to get into the old system, so now you can honestly say you are a hacker. We associate that with doing bad things, but this is not naughty – it’s a resource available to us if we choose, assuming we know that little trick.

        At some point we may have to learn the new system and if we do I will find out how to add pictures and show you. It will not be difficult, just different.

      • I’m a hacker? How modern! I have tried from time to time to use that other format but I have never liked it and I don’t know that I could get used to it. I will, for now, do exactly as you suggest: be thankful for small mercies even though I consider this a very big mercy!

    • Thank you, Susan. I will have to read that several times before I have the remotest understanding, but I will try,

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