In search of story

March 6.20


Lusty thump

marks application,

with every stroke

fine syncopation,

wood on dough,

performance art,

percussive beat

of kitchen heart,

stretching, tugging,

this way, that,

persuading yeast

or flour and fat

to peasant noodle,

earthy, chewy,

or frail cream puff,

flaky, gooey.

In maestro’s hands

a nimble trill,

here on the wall

lumpish, still.

But regard with respect

the two-handled bole:

even inert

it’s ready to roll.



More thanks to photographer S.W. Berg

and to la Madeleine, Fairfax County, VA.


4 thoughts on “March 6.20

  1. The rolling pin and I have never been close friends, but I sure do like what it can produce. 🙂

    • I used to be close with the rolling pin, but these days my hands don’t grip so well. However, as you point out, one doesn’t need to use the rolling pin to enjoy what it produces! My sweet tooth (and my bread tooth) still work just fine!

  2. Ready to roll, indeed. You’ve made me imagine their calls of ‘me! me! me!’ if someone turned up in their neighbourhood with a pastry ball.

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