In search of story

February 27.20


Poor little pansy!

It tried very hard

to bring some springtime

into the yard.

Unabashedly sunny,

its bright shiny face

promised big change

with diminutive grace.

I’d rail at the winter

my dander bestirred,

but I know that the pansies

will have the last word.


Thanks yet again to photographer S.W. Berg.


2 thoughts on “February 27.20

  1. I bought two six packs of that color this week to put on the balcony. Of course, these guys have a better chance of survival. πŸ™‚ I love pansies, and they truly do have beautiful little faces for those of us who ‘see’ them. πŸ™‚

    • Aren’t they just the sweetest little flowers?! I think part of their attraction comes from their status as signs of early spring — alas for them, sometimes too early. When I go pansy-shopping, I always look for the ones with faces; the other ones seem like imposters.

      I bet your balcony looks very cheery!

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