In search of story

February 26.20


I love graphite;

I love to draw.

Nature’s pencil

fills me with awe.


I am undecided, dear reader. Is this late winter snow a sign that Nature is cruel or kind? Indiana is at its worst now: gloppy, cold, colorless, dark. We are starved for light and color. We want watercolor but Nature gives us graphite, and, darn it, it’s beautiful.

11 thoughts on “February 26.20

  1. Very beautiful. I have been trying to remind myself that weather does not have intent, but I have to keep on doing it.

    • I think you cannot love flowers and not feel intent in weather.

      • I’m afraid I was meaning bad intent. Every time I have thought ‘the sky looks blue’ and started to think about going out, within minutes, it has hailstoned. I have been reading “Why didst thou promise such a beauteous day?’ and it seems very apt, ignoring the image and thinking just of the weather.

      • A sonnet! It rang no bells so I had to look it up, and I thank you for reminding me of such writing. I confess I had to laugh about the hailstones — one would think you lived in Indiana.

      • Our stones are probably a bit smaller than yours. I love ‘rotten smoke’ – the meaning may have drifted, but he was not one to constrain meaning.

  2. It must be so nice to be able to draw. Have you ever shared your drawings here?

    • I have posted one of my botanical drawings — the tuberose — which I think you’ve seen. And there was also the sketch of my father’s hand. I have been away from drawing for a while and I long to get back to it. Working with graphite is wonderful to me. If you google Maureen O’Hern you might get some of my botanical drawings in images, leftovers from when I belonged to the American Society of Botanical Artists. I haven’t worked them into my blog posts very much.

      • I found two of them on the society site – the pelargonium (I have just this minute been pruning mine back) and a rosebud. My comment was a British-style hint you might share a few more of them here. You have a real talent. One would make an awfully good widget (ie feature on the side menu bar) or on your about page or a new page entirely. They are too lovely not to share.

      • Really? They’re still on the ASBA site? Thanks for your kind words. Maybe some day I can figure out how to work them into the blog.

  3. We humans are never satisfied are we? šŸ™‚

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