In search of story

February 22.20


Look both ways

our parents told us,

and if we didn’t

they’d yell and scold us,

but a harder lesson,

heaven knows,

if cars and trucks

drove over our toes.

A lesson for life,

to look aft and fore,

then run like the wind,

wide-eyed and full bore!


Thanks yet again and a rousing HAPPY BIRTHDAY

to photographer S. W. Berg!

4 thoughts on “February 22.20

  1. Happy Birthday indeed to all the photographers out there who add a little something extra to our life each day. 🙂 Our parents would be dumbfounded if they could see people crossing the street staring at their phones while texting. We wont open the can of worms about driving while texting. 🙂 The birds bring another topic to mind though – the lack of them down here. This has always been a mecca for snowy white egrets. This year I can count on one hand how many I’ve seen. 😦 Happy Saturday and may all your feathered friends stop by for a photo.

    • Good gracious, I hadn’t even thought about that! Yes, people wandering across streets — and through parking lots! — glued to their phones! Phone-walking is all over the place! And, yes, we won’t mention phone-driving. As to the snowy egrets, I don’t like it at all that you aren’t seeing them this year. Every time we notice such a change, we get more anxious, and maybe gardeners more so. Happy Saturday to you, too, Judy! Very cold here this morning, but we are promised sunshine so I am definitely happy!

  2. I’ll second (or rather third) your birthday greetings. I found myself warning my mother that the road you have to cross from near my Mama and Papa’s old house to get to the pie shop is VERY DANGEROUS! Looks like their admonitions are as fresh as ever after all these years.

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