In search of story

February 17.20


The bud inspector

isn’t sure

how long these leaflings

will endure;

a phony spring

bamboozled them

to pop up from

their cozy stem.

He shakes his head

and fears the worst,

spreads his wings

to lift, but first

he chirps a tsk,

consults an app,

and tucks his iphone

under his cap.




7 thoughts on “February 17.20

  1. I’m not sure where this climate change thing is taking the world, but I think there are going to be some really tough times ahead. I’m not sure we’re made of the ‘stuff’ that will be needed to work our way through it because an app is not going to do it. Our children and grandchildren will have to dig deep.

  2. I fear you are right. I wonder if gardeners feel it more personally. We always knew we couldn’t take Mother Nature for granted, but at least we knew the seasons. Not any more. I do think our children and grandchildren will have that “stuff” — and they’ll need it!

  3. Lol at “the bud inspector” — and that’d be one tiny phone he’s got! I am worried for our globe, too.. this isn’t what we wanted to hand our kids and theirs.

  4. One tiny iPhone indeed! But I’m convinced those phones are everywhere, and I think any day now I’m going to see the dogs in our neighborhood talking on them while they’re out for a walk — everyone else is. I can hope that this much talk can result in some brilliant ideas.

  5. Hmm, I saw some confused birds about a week ago when the sap was running; then, below zero…

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