In search of story

4 thoughts on “February 13.20

  1. We have fog this morning. Fog so thick, we can hear the waves crashing but can’t see them. Kind of spooky like your photo. But, with enough coffee, I can still face the day. 🙂 Happy Thursday, Maureen.

    • That’s it exactly: with enough coffee! Your morning does seem a bit spooky, but it also seems intriguing. What a different world from New Hampshire! A happy Thursday to you, too, Judy!

  2. Do wiggly and wriggly mean the same thing I wonder when it comes to toes? I like this one. It makes me think of young visitors, waking up excited for the new day, though us oldies can have w(r)iggly toes too!

    • I would say yes, that they mean the same thing. I find “wriggly” harder to say, but it is really far better fitted to the meaning, and I must think about that. Thank you!

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