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5 thoughts on “February 6.20

  1. I detest walking or driving on ice, and I don’t like the gray skies that accompany it. But, if I can safely get outside with a camera, I am always in awe of its beauty on the plants. That being said, ice also brings down the trees which take out the power lines, which leaves us in the dark. Like life – good and bad. 🙂 Stay safe, friend.

  2. I’m not going to guess what current event inspired this – at the moment there are too many areas where the limp remains of reason seem inadequate for the job. I hope the ice will not keep you in for long. We dodged showers of hail stone today to get our pies. That was something to celebrate.

    • You have it right: there are too many areas where reason is limp to narrow this to one event. I have been unable to shake the mood of unease and fear that is part of this time and place. I am utterly befuddled by it all.

      But to know that somewhere people are dodging hail to get pies is comforting. Definitely worth celebrating!

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