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6 thoughts on “January 25.20

  1. I’m guessing what those tree are thinking couldn’t be written here on this g-rated blog post. 🙂 Happy Saturday, Maureen. 🙂

  2. Mmm – I can’t answer that one. I suppose we are lucky to have minds that envisage this – mine wouldn’t be up to the task.

    I was recently introduced to some very atmospheric cottonwood trees by Timothy Price, another WordPress blogger. By all accounts they could not be corralled.

    • I’m not sure I can answer it either, but I think both of us can imagine the asking. I looked up Timothy Price’s blog and saw some astonishing photography. Those old cottonwoods are splendidly gnarly. I grew up with a slovenly poplar tree that threw cottony seeds all over creation every spring, stopping up drains and noses. It was called, therefore, a cottonwood. It took me years to unlearn that.

  3. you have left me with a little joyful note about the building those trees are making. The new apartments involved are down the street from us right at an already crowded traffic area. Every time I drive by I invision either the length of time I will sit in a long line of traffic or the distance I will have to go to get around it. Now I will try to focus on the trees. You are, as usual, utterly amazing. Thank you.

  4. Thanks, old friend! I think you can still bemoan the traffic and the other headaches. Everyone in this area certainly knows about all that. I hear they’re building more condos in Los Angeles where there is already gridlock everywhere. It’s scary. We were so lucky to have childhoods with empty lots!

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