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6 thoughts on “January 20.20

  1. Looking good, and I’m sure it tasted delicious. It’s always good to start a Monday off with food shots. It says it somewhere to do that. 🙂

    • Yes, I do think somewhere it says to do this. (Pretend there’s a winking emoji there.) I remember a time when Monday was Wash Day, but Food Shot Day is a lot more inspiring. (I also remember about Johnny One Note but I forgot to tell you!)

      • You are going to appreciate this and have yourself a good chuckle. So, here are all these boomers in this resort, and we get to turn in our laundry and get fresh linens once a week on Mon, Wed, or Fri. Guess which day the line is backed up? Yep, Monday. I got caught in the line last week and decided to move to Wednesday this week. That’s one perk I miss when I’m home – fresh linens that someone else washed and dried. 🙂

      • Now there’s a testimonial to history: they all grew up with Monday Washday, obviously! Hilarious! As to the shorter line and having someone else do the linen laundry, absolutely!

  2. My sweetheart taught me to say ‘I only ate it to be polite’ while scraping the tiniest last scraps up and licking fingers etc. I don’t try it very often lest it is misinterpreted.

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