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December 31.19


My new year’s wish for you

is handsomely portrayed

upon this rosy wall

in sprightly accolade:

may dancing pigs attend you,

adventures fill your cup,

may loved ones sit beside you

wherever you sip and sup,

may your plates be heaped with kindness,

your spirit taste no hurt,

may laughter season your days,

may there always be dessert.


Wishing you a very happy new year, dear reader,

with muse and chocolate ever near.

Thank you for all encouragement and enlightenment in 2019!

And special new year’s thanks also

to photographer S.W. Berg for this splendid wall!



4 thoughts on “December 31.19

  1. I love every word! Thank you! I remember English class when we covered poetry. I loved to read it. I could understand what the writer was saying. I could not, however, write it. So, it is with great awe that I close out this year reading this beautiful greeting. Thanks you for sharing your skills with us. My best wishes in 2020, friend. ❤️

    • Thank you, Judy, for your kind words and good wishes! You know I can say the same things about you as I stare in wonder at your needlework. At our age, there is, I think, a touch of melancholy as another year falls away, but with this change of year and decade comes a certain hope — at least it seems so to me. As you look out over the ocean and I look out over the pond, we will hold to hope! Happy New Year, friend!

  2. Thank you! I read this blessing out to my sweetheart. I’m in agreement with Judy, it is a beautiful one, and one only you could come up with. I especially appreciate ‘May your spirit take no hurt’ and the plates heaped with kindness. The dancing pigs have yet to show up but I’ll know where they’re from when they do.

    • I can think of no greater compliment than having something I’ve written read to someone — thank you! And, yes, indeed you will know who sent the dancing pigs. I have an order in. A very happy new year to you and to your sweetheart, Susan — may there be many buds!

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