In search of story

December 24.19


Winter triptych,

artful guise,

Christmas concert

for my eyes,

a carol sung

in thralled duet

by silent snow

and silhouette.


Whatever our traditions

may there be a renewal of wonder

for us all.

May old stories remind us of old truths,

and may old truths make us unafraid of new ways.

A very merry Christmas, dear reader!


9 thoughts on “December 24.19

  1. Thank you for allowing me an opportunity to look a word up. I love that. Yes, here’s to our great memories and here’s to making new ones. Hope you are having a wonderful Eve. I know I have because I received an extremely special greeting card in the mail today. One that is so extraordinary, it needs a frame. Merry Christmas, Maureen. I send you all the best wishes for a healthy and happy New Year. 🎄

    • Thank you! And all the same to you! As for looking up words, I just realized that my rhyme depends on a wrong pronunciation (reprise), although both pronunciations and all meanings could be relevant. One has a lot of leeway in poetry to make mistakes and pretend they were intentional. Maybe after the rest of the presents are wrapped I will think about a re-write. Or not. Anyway, Merry Christmas, Judy!

  2. Merry Christmas to you!

  3. Wishing you a very merry Christmas too. I woke up very early with a mild cold and it was so cheery to find this post and a few others in my Reader. I didn’t comment at the time, but note the rhyme is unchanged. It works the way it is… and if it did not, for you, I would alter my pronunciation of ‘eyes’ to ‘ease’.

    • Thank you both for the literary allowance and for the laugh! I wonder if we couldn’t find some Middle English pronunciation of “eyes” as “ease.” People who love words can be — yes — weird like this. I’m sorry to hear about your cold; that is no kind of Christmas present! Because a couple of my friends are similarly afflicted, there have been conversations about the efficacy of onion soup and garlic soup. Do you have a favorite medicinal soup? If so, I hope you have it nearby and I hope it works!

      A merry Christmas to you, Susan!

      • Thanks for the kind thoughts. Onion and garlic soup would have to be a miracle cure for me to attempt it.

        The space between Mississippian and Lancastrian pronunciation allows a lot of leeway… I am no longer so sure there is a right and a wrong way to say things.

    • An update: I re-wrote! It rhymes! One of the mysteries of writing is how two little words can cause so much trouble.

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