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8 thoughts on “December 22.19

  1. Thank you! The same to you! I’m glad to hear from you. Just this morning I was checking back to see the last time you posted because it seemed like a long time. Indeed it was! I hope you are well and have lots of old flannel close by.

  2. Everything outside is definitely asleep in our parts of the world. I hope their winter nap is short and we can hope for a real spring in 2020.

    • Indeed a good winter’s nap should lead to a real spring, not that poor excuse for a spring we had last year! We are headed into springtime temperatures for Christmas week, and the gardener in me is wondering what Ma Nature is plotting.

  3. I love this! I, too, am looking forward to longer days.

    • Thank you! I’m guessing you don’t miss Indiana much over all, but you REALLY don’t miss it at this time of year!

      • I only miss seeing the snow (from the inside). It never seems like a “real” Christmas to me out here. Was it that way for you?

  4. Oh, yes: it seemed like a pretend Christmas in California. I always missed the snow. I will freely grant that the general gorgeousness there was compensation!

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