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December 21.19



People are weird.

Therefore, I, being people, am weird. Do you know, dear reader, how I sifted myself through the Venetian blinds, trying to get a good photo of this brilliant visitor? There are countless images of cardinals in the snow. Why, then, did I work so hard to photograph yet one more cardinal on one more snowy branch? Because at that moment it was MINE. A crimson splotch in a pristine cottony new-snow pouf, something wonderful — and fleeting — opposite MY window.

Maybe this is just one kind of weirdness. Maybe not everyone has the same intractable instinct to hold an image or a moment. Do we write or grab for the camera (or brush or wheel or dough scraper or needle and thread) because some of us have an invisible arm which must reach out to capture what we see and save it?

Maybe it isn’t what we see that compels. Maybe it’s what we feel when we see it. Maybe it’s the feeling we want to grab and hold.

Maybe it’s weird to wonder about it at all.

On the more practical side, my Venetian blinds got partially dusted.


6 thoughts on “December 21.19

  1. I think you are right. It’s not only what we see but what we feel. Seeing a handsome Cardinal in a sea of white certainly stops you in your tracks. Love the photo. Thank you for sharing and starting the day off on a positive. Happy Saturday.

    • Yes, you’d understand. “Stopped in your tracks” is it exactly. A happy Saturday to you, too, Judy — may there be respite from the madness!

  2. I agree, having your own photo is special. It captures the moment and freezes it in your mind. This one’s a beauty – a bright spot of color in a black and white landscape. Merry Christmas!

    • Thank you, Judy, and a merry Christmas to you too! The snow last week with the Christmas lights was spectacular, and I suspected the cardinal was Mother Nature’s way of competing. I also suspected the cardinal knew I was trying to photograph him; I think he enjoyed posing. Still there was a sense of moral victory capturing him. Yes, there’s something about nabbing our own photos.

  3. I was completely sold at “I, being people, am weird”. I so agree! You’ve hit on the best way of dusting, to my mind. Who could resist taking a picture of their very own cardinal bird in their own snow? Not me, were I to have both a cardinal and snow, that is! Is a white Christmas on the cards for you?

  4. Weirdness might be in our collective DNA. A definite possibility. A white Christmas, alas, is not to be had. Not here, at any rate. Those with crystal balls are telling us that Christmas will be unusually warm. Good for safe travels but not good for showing off Christmas lights. We’ll probably have snow for Easter. It’s Indiana, after all.

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