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December 8.19


The curtain may come down

on their soaring sounds,

their tearing, teasing


but the curtain also rises

on the future

they will be.

The baton

(magic wand),

the hands that sculpt sound

and send it into the world as music,

directors of the hormone-crazed,

prophets who see the good

and the hope —

God bless them, every one!


This was the final bow of my granddaughter’s high school Christmas program. It was wonderful, and one of the countless times I have given thanks for music teachers. What their ears have to go through! And what miracles are wrought! I am ever grateful to all teachers of all arts. STEM is good, but I think STEAM is better. I wish you the joy of music in your December, dear reader, whatever you are celebrating.


5 thoughts on “December 8.19

  1. How exciting to be able to watch your granddaughter perform with a group of talented fellow students. 🙂 I started to think about Christmas music, and I just realized although all the stores have had decorations out for months, they have not been playing holiday music early in the season. I guess they finally decided to give us a break. 🙂

  2. How different my life would be today if I hadn’t had those music teachers back then! I am forever grateful! Friday night I conducted our clarinet choir in the first of three December concerts, and this afternoon I will be playing in our band’s 25th annual Holiday Concert benefitting Meals On Wheels. We’ve been rehearsing Christmas music for months!

    • AMEN to everything you said about music teachers in our pasts! What they gave us is beyond measure! And you’re conducting? That is exciting, as is the upcoming Holiday Concert. Christmas music for months is the best part, and I know first-hand how beautiful your sounds will be. We’ll play a note or two this year in honor of our old teachers!

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