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November 20.19


Make a list!

What good advice!

If I were Santa,

I’d check it twice.

But I’m me,

with list syndrome:

 I write it out,

then leave it at home.


I did it again the other day, dear reader; I left the list at home. It’s not my fault! I have a syndrome! But here’s the truly trying thing: I remembered ONE THING from my list, and I was so proud of myself. Light brown sugar! And surely you know what came next. Yes, they were out of it.

8 thoughts on “November 20.19

  1. If chocolate chip cookies came out of forgetting the list, life is still good. Or, as a matter of fact, anything that requires brown sugar can usually make the day better. 🙂

  2. Oh, yes! The worst part for me is having wasted so much time and thought on composing the list!

  3. Oh heck! I suppose that’s just how it goes some days. My dad always liked soft brown sugar. I put my shopping list on my phone and I am still quite capable of forgetting it.

    • To demonstrate what a throw-back I seem to be, I must tell you that when I read that you put your shopping list on your phone, I instantly pictured a piece of paper taped to a phone. It briefly seemed like an awkward solution to the forgetting problem but then I came back to the 21st century and realized there was no paper involved. At which time I could laugh at your point! And hooray for your dad while I’m at it. The appreciation of soft brown sugar is too rare.

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